Upper Elementary Lead Teacher

Montessori School of Northern Virginia | Annandale, VA, United States

Posted Date 4/06/2021

Summary of Position:

The Lead Teacher is a guide who prepares and directs the children’s activities in a Montessori environment.  This environment shall challenge each child to reach their fullest potential intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually in accordance with Montessori curriculum and MSNV policies and procedures for the age group in which a Montessori certificate is held and classroom assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • With the assistance of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, prepares a year-long classroom curriculum and objectives which encourages the development of the whole child.
  • Plans detailed daily and weekly objectives and learning activities for classroom and individual students.
  • Designs, creates and prepares an environment in which the furnishing and materials are complete, age appropriate, correspond to the needs and development of individuals and the group, and ensure a variety of experiences.
  • Participates in planning with co-workers.


  • Keeps current and accurate class records including, but not limited to daily attendance, snack and inventory.
  • Manages classroom budget effectively and submits receipts, orders and invoices promptly to the Business Office.
  • Keeps classroom prepared and orderly, as well as clean and uncluttered, with the help of the children’s assistance with age-appropriate classroom tasks.
  • Responds in timely to administrative requests and requirements.
  • Participates in, and regularly attends staff meetings, parent education meetings, and other required school-sponsored events. These events may occur outside regular school hours. 
  • Follows school policies and procedures.

Teaching Strategies

  • Adapts the classroom environment to meet the daily needs and interest of the whole class and each child individually.
  • Observes each child and is aware of his/her learning style, and developmental progress.
  • Gives appropriate, clear and timely presentations of materials and lessons. Provides individualized instruction.
  • Motivates and inspires children such that they exhibit a joy of learning, so that this fosters their independence.
  • Encourages student modeling and collaboration.
  • Effectively manages the classroom to facilitate a peaceful, normalized community of children.
  • Uses positive discipline techniques. Establishes and enforces clear and consistent ground rules.
  • Becomes familiar with, identifies, and implements strategies for exceptional children.
  • Demonstrates respect for all children and is consistent and fair in dealing with students.
  • Demonstrates grace and courtesy, always conscious of being a role model to the children.
  • Establishes a professional meaningful relationship with each child.
  • Participates in teacher workdays, orientation, staff development days, and other school events as required.


  • Keeps parents informed of student progress and classroom activities via progress reports, newsletters, email, telephone and personal contact.
  • Keeps Head of School informed of concerns involving children, staff, and parents in a timely manner. Documents all concerns in writing for recordkeeping purposes.
  • Responds to parent concerns in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours.
  • Communicates effectively with students, parents, co-workers, and administration.
  • Encourages parent observations.


  • Maintains and organizes written student observations.
  • Maintains an effective written record-keeping system.
  • Follows school-wide assessment protocol and plan.
  • Conducts parent-teacher conferences and writes thoughtful evaluations.
  • Follows MSNV’s “Response to Intervention Program”.
  • Works with Learning Specialist and Learning Resource Teacher to develop appropriate plans for students.

Other Duties:

  1. Promotes professional conduct in and out of the classroom that reflects support, loyalty, agreement and adherence with the school’s mission and vision.
  2. Aware of and anticipates safety issues and supervises diligently. Directs special attention to children’s allergies and medical issues.
  3. Protects privacy of children and adults, sharing information only with those who need to know.
  4. Supervises and trains assistant and other enrichment instructors who work with the children, as applicable.
  5. Adheres to American Montessori Society guidelines and professional standards.
  6. Utilizes parent volunteers and shows appreciation for their efforts.
  7. Other duties as assigned by the Head of School and Director of Curriculum and Instruction.



  • College degree in Education or other appropriate degree
  • At least four years teaching in a Montessori school
  • Montessori teaching credential for level teaching. However, for the right candidate, MSNV is willing to help tuition assistance to obtain credential.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain required background checks.
  • Must display independent judgment and strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to handle confidential information as it relates to students and school.
  • Ability to communicate with emergency personnel.
  • Ability to maintain CPR/First Aid and Medical Administration certifications as needed.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and written with parent volunteers, staff and others.
  • Must understand and enjoy a child-centered environment.
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor related to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of children or adults.
  • Ability to walk, stand, maintain balance, climb ladders, crouch, lift up to 50 lbs., bend, stoop, and reach above shoulder level.
  • Ability to perform to help out on weekends and for school functions as needed.
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with the age group to which s/he is assigned.
  • Provide a stimulating and safe environment for the age group to which s/he is assigned.          
  • Use materials, activities and experiences to encourage children's growth and Development.
  • Physically assisting the children in the classroom and on the playground, which includes occasional lifting.
  • Sit with children on the floor
  • Manage a group of children successfully and effectively.



Credential Level
Elementary II (9-12)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)
Phone(703) 256-9577

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