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Posted Date 8/26/2019
As part of our expansion, Sakura Montessori International School in Ha Noi, Viet Nam is building a new campus for the next school year (2020 - 2021). Therefore, we are seeking a talented and dedicated principal to start the new school campus from scratch along with the board of directors.
Sakura Montessori International School (SMIS) is a successful and reputable Montessori school with students ranging in age from 18 months to six years. Established in Vietnam in 2011, SMIS is the leading international standardized Montessori kindergarten in Vietnam. We strive to be pioneers in the education of peace, to nurture the soul, to respect the pace of natural development and to optimize the potential of each child. Our school is known to be the best school applying the most authentic Montessori method. SMIS is recognised as a number of Montessori Associations including IAPM in the US. 
Contract length: 03 years
Expected on board date: 4th November 2019
  • Collaborate with Education Research Pedagogy Council of Sakura Montessori Kindergarten to design Montessori curriculum
  • Supervise the Montessori program and other programs
  • Ensure that appropriate Montessori curriculum is available and implemented
  • Ensure that Montessori climate is maintained
  • Supervise the status of the materials and equipment in Montessori classrooms
  • Supervise and track the progress and academic performance of the children, supporting the curriculum alignment to the common core standards.
  • Interview and recruit the new staff for the school
  • Oversee and take responsibility for the classroom operation in terms of safety, care of the children, and nutrition
  • Supervise and evaluate the teachers’ performance
  • Collaborate with teachers to plan and oversee the teacher training in terms of professional development and processes)
  • Organize the meetings with the teachers to provide feedback or coaching for them
  • Observe the classrooms and makes the improvement reports
  • Supervise all the activities and events of the school during the school year
  • Serve as the effective communication channel between the parents and school
  • Participate and deliver speeches in the meetings, events, seminars, workshops, and conferences of the school
  • Liaise with and reports directly to the Director of the School (DOS)
  • Collaborate with the Marketing and Sales Departments and DOS to make effective plans for enrollment
  • Identify and creates the training needs for the teachers as requested
  • Develope cross-cultural connections
- Bachelor’s degree or higher from the University of General Pedagogy or University of Early Childhood Pedagogy
- Montessori certificate from accredited Montessori associations
- Administration Certificate
- 3-5 years’experience in working in academic administration or a related field.
- Priority on any candidate who has 3-5 years’ experience in operating the school of 200 students or more
- Demonstrated experience in creating and evaluating the programs
- Demonstrated experience in working with teachers in professional development
and coaching situations
- Demonstrated commitment to and compatibility with Montessori beliefs and philosophy
Knowledge of Montessori philosophy and curriculum
Salary: $4000 - $5000 (Competitive salary compares with the cost of living in Viet Nam)
Benefits package:
  • Relocation package: one-way flight ticket and initial hotel cost covered for 2 days. ( For oversea hires)
  • Visa and immigration costs covered by SMIS.
  • Annual HealthCare package
  • Annual health check: 01 time/year.
  • Annual public holidays (paid days):
  • Team building trip: 01 time/year.
  • Christmas and New Year holidays: 10 days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • Summer break: 10 days, including Saturday and Sunday.
  • 12 personal leaves/year
  • Training opportunities to improve yourself with higher competencies
  • Children's tuition exemption: base on the Company’s policy.
Interested candidates, please contact Ms. Van Anh Doan at


Salary4000.00 Month
Credential Level
Early Childhood
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)

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