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Drummond Montessori School | Chicago, IL, United States

Posted Date 2/22/2021

Drummond Montessori Coordinator and Coach

The coach is the key person in a Montessori school responsible for creating a community of reflective practitioners and ensuring fidelity of implementation of Montessori for both children and adults. 

  •  The Montessori coach is a member of the school leadership team and will participate in all school-wide decision-making, strategic planning, and educational program design. The coach’s primary responsibilities are to create and sustain an outstanding school culture that supports human flourishing for students, faculty, and staff; to lead the academic and cultural vision for the school; to build and develop leadership in staff members; and to empower parents and families to advocate for optimal educational opportunities for all. 


  • Development and Implementation of Montessori Curriculum 
  • Ensures that the educational program is delivered according to the school’s mission and vision and increases access to Montessori education. 
  • Organizes, directs and supervises the instructional program of the school, including our Mutli-Tiered Systems of Support intervention system. 
  • Works with adults to ensure equity in access to quality lessons, materials, and experiences throughout the school. 
  • Plans and facilitates staff development based on the interests and needs of the staff and the school community. 
  • Models grace and courtesy in all interactions with children, adults, and families. 
  • Integrates the how and the why of Montessori pedagogy through actions and beliefs about human potential. 


Planning, Leadership, and Management 

  • Works with the Principal and PPLC to set vision, strategy, and goals. 
  • Collaborates on the recruitment, selection and orientation of key school staff. 
  • Attends leadership meetings. 
  • Oversees the processes for enrollment and class placement.  
  • Establishes and supports procedures and routines of the school. 
  • Collaborates on the creation of a school schedule that supports the implementation of the Montessori approach. 
  • Determines priorities for use of time in the daily, weekly, and yearly calendars. 


Staff Selection and Development 

  • Conducts weekly observations and one-on-one meetings with classroom teachers. 
  • Meets regularly with all adults that interact with children and families to ensure consistency of Montessori practice.  
  • Ensures that consistent Lesson Study and Child Study protocols are followed and implemented with fidelity. 
  • Establishes a robust school-wide observation and feedback system across all environments. 

Data and Assessment 

  • Collects data about work engagement and academic performance through regular observation of all classrooms. 
  • Uses a variety of data points to drive conversations about classroom practice and planning. 
  • Chooses assessment tools for alignment with the Montessori method and curriculum. 
  • Analyzes accountability metrics to inform school wide goals and priorities.  

Collaboration, Communication and Community Relations 

  • Engages in daily face to face interactions with families through participating in school wide routines, events, and celebrations. 
  • Helps to set the vision for family engagement, education, and outreach. 
  • Collaborates on school wide messaging to families and the community including progress reports, newsletters, and initiatives. 
  • Fosters opportunities for dialogue about culturally responsive teaching, current events, and serving all children within our community. 


  • Deeply committed to the Montessori philosophy and expanding its accessibility to all children 
  • Possesses a Montessori certification in at least one level and has Montessori classroom experience 
  • Continuously engages in ongoing Montessori professional development 
  • Works collaboratively, respectful of differing opinions, with flexibility and a willingness to learn. 
  • Demonstrates the capacity for independent work, flexibility, and the ability to handle multiple demands.  
  • Possesses a friendliness to error and has a willingness to confront challenges with a solutions-oriented approach.  
  • Actively engages in reflective practice, gives and receives feedback regularly, and consciously develops a high level of emotional intelligence. 



Salary60000.00 Annual
Credential Level
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)
Phone(773) 534-4120

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