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Posted Date 9/08/2021

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Our Children’s Center Montessori School
Head of School

Founded in 1975, Our Children’s Center Montessori School is a private, non-profit corporation governed by a Board of Directors composed of parent volunteers and community members. Our Children’s Center Montessori School (OCC) is licensed by both the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. OCC offers early childhood programs for children 13 months through 6 years based on the Montessori Philosophy and Method of early childhood education.

The Head of School is responsible for both the day-to-day administrative functioning of the school and the school’s adherence to the Montessori Philosophy and Methods. In addition, he or she works closely with the Board of Directors to establish school policies, monitor school finances, and create both long-term and short-term plans of action. The Head of School works with the Board to ensure that its policies and goals are in alignment with the school’s mission and philosophy as well as the regulatory bodies of the Pennsylvania State Departments of Education and Human Services. The Head of School, as a leader of the administrative team of the school, must establish, maintain, and nurture a supportive and effective relationship with all members of the administration and staff.

1. _Program_
_ a. Periodically assess the school’s programs and services to ascertain their effectiveness and relevance to the needs of the school community.
b. Collaborate with other members of the administration to develop curriculum and assessment tools that align with the Montessori Philosophy, the PA Early Learning Standards, the Keystone STARS initiative, and OCC’s participation with the Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Program.

c. Review and research grants and program opportunities that align with the school’s mission.

d. Direct and/or attend all school functions.
2. _Administration_
_ a. Create systems and routines that support the smooth functioning of the school’s operation, in conjunction with the administration and teaching staff.

b. Supervise the daily operation of the school, resolving problems and intervening as the need arises.

c. Hire and evaluate administrative staff, as needed.

d. Define written standards for staff performance, as well as evaluative tools by which such performance can be assessed.

e. Conduct administrative and teaching staff evaluations twice each year, as needed, for self-evaluation and director-evaluation procedures. Write annual follow-up reports.

f. Conduct staff disciplinary action as needed, in an impartial manner and with the assistance of the Board of Directors, as needed.

g. Apply for and administer grants received from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other agencies.

h. Prepare yearly letters of intent and staff contracts in a timely fashion, review and approve monthly payroll and ensure the timely payment of staff salaries and wages.

i. Assist the Finance Committee in the development, approval and maintenance of the annual budget as appropriate.

j. Develop guidelines for the maintenance of the school environment, supervising the ongoing maintenance, storage, inventory and purchase of all materials (purchases of over $500 require approval of the treasurer and/or president of the Board).

k. Direct maintenance, repair, and construction projects, in conjunction with facility representatives.

3. _Staff_
_ a. Recruit and coordinate scheduling for all teaching and support staff.

b. Serve as supervisor and mentor of all staff as related to the Montessori Philosophy and Methodology, as well as the Pennsylvania State Departments of Education and Human Service regulations
c. Maintain steady, regular contacts with all teachers and other school personnel to assess the effectiveness of educational systems and programs.
d. Organize and prepare orientation sessions during Teacher In-Service and orient new staff members to the school.
e. Build and maintain positive staff relationships through in-service, trainings and team building staff development.
f. Support staff members in their efforts to articulate, write, and meet professional goals.

4. _Students_
_ a. Provide a visible, familiar, supportive and nurturing presence for the students, communicating and demonstrating grace, courtesy, safety, authority and unconditional acceptance of each child.

b. Receive reports of any special needs or concerns of individual children from staff and/or parents and promptly seek appropriate support for each child.
c. Receive reports of any suspected child abuse or neglect and act immediately on such reports as is required by Pennsylvania Commonwealth law, documenting as required.
d. Facilitate and direct the student recruitment/enrollment process.

5. _Parents and Families_
_ a. Provide a visible, familiar, supportive and nurturing presence for the school’s parents and families, and maintain an open line of communication with each family.
b. Work to actively invite and involve families in the school’s program and activities.
c. Plan and lead parent meetings with the assistance of classroom teachers, providing guest speakers to expand the parenting knowledge of the school community.
d. Write, edit and distribute regular email communications to parents.
e. Prepare and distribute all necessary enrollment documentation, such as Enrollment Applications, Contracts, Emergency Forms, and Parent Handbooks.
f. Meet with parents as needed.

6. _Board of Directors_
_ a. Act as liaison with the school’s Board of Directors, attending all Board meetings, preparing reports as requested and participating directly on all Board committees.
b. Serve as a link between the daily operating of the school and the policy decisions of the Board, being well-informed with regard to all major school and Board issues.
c. Serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of every committee of the Board, attending meetings as needed.
d. In conjunction with the Board of Directors, define, periodically review, and document all school policies (e.g. admissions, safety, hiring, confidentiality, etc.). Publish such policies to ensure accessibility to relevant school populations.
e. Participate in the Strategic Planning Process, influencing the school’s long-term direction.

7. _Other Agencies_
_ a. Act as liaison to our landlord, currently the University Baptist and Brethren Church.
b. Act as school representative within the Montessori community, as well as the Department of Human Services, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Keystone Stars, Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts Program/Central PA Partnership for Early Education, Central Intermediate Unit, Penn State University, and other agencies as determined necessary.
c. Facilitate yearly licensing renewal from the Department of Education and Department of Human Services, as well as preparation and facilitation of the designation/re-designation processes for Keystone STARS and the school’s participation with the Central PA Partnership for Early Education.

Classroom Interaction and Involvement
The Head of School position is a teaching position. The Head of school will be expected to fill in as needed in the classroom, but will not have primary teaching responsibilities.

1. The Head of School is accountable to the Board of Directors of the school.
2. If problems arise involving staff, the Head of School, after consulting with other members of the administrative team, will meet with the Board of Directors’.

This is a full-time, salaried, exempt, administrative position. Terms of this position are determined and stipulated by the Board of Directors and noted in the Head of School Employment Contract.


_1. Personal_
_ a. Models professionalism in manner, language and overall standards.
b. Positively communicates and demonstrates the Montessori philosophy of education and the mission and goals of Our Children’s Center.
c. Develops and maintains positive staff relationships.
d. Demonstrates commitment to personal and professional growth.

_2. Professional_
_ a. Montessori Teaching/Administration Credential.
b. Qualifications for Educational Director as set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools.
c. Teaching Certification by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Board of Private Academic Schools. d. Four-year degree from an accredited college or university, including 30 credit hours in early childhood education, child development, special education, elementary education or the human services field, and five years of experience with children.
e. Pennsylvania State Director’s Credential.
f. Pennsylvania Act 34 Report of Criminal History Record Information and Act 151 Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance Statement documentation including, but not limited to, FBI, State Police, and Childline clearances.
g. A minimum number of hours of continuing education seminars/workshops each year as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and school’s current STARS rating.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $45,000.00 - $55,000.00 per year


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance
  • Retirement plan


  • Monday to Friday

COVID-19 considerations:
OCC has taken COVID very seriously. Everyone in our building wears masks (except for children in the toddlers classroom), we have added HEPA air cleaners to each classroom and we strongly encourage vaccination of all members of our school community.


  • Master's (Preferred)


  • Teaching: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Leadership Experience: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location:

  • One location

Work Remotely:

  • No


Salary45000.00 Annual
Montessori Credential Level
Credential Required (level not specified)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Position Type
Full-Time (12 mos.)
Phone(814) 237-1585

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