Montessori Lead Teacher

Hongwen Montessori Academy | Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Posted Date 4/15/2020
  1. Responsible for the teaching and caring of the class.
  2. Follow all the rules and regulations of school, and responsible for your own behaviors at school to model yourself for parents and children.
  3. Good attitudes are required. The person should be positive, patient, caring, enthusiastic, etc.
  4. Conscientiously implement system of kindergarten. Arrange reasonable daily routine for children in order to help child’s own self-development mentally and physically.
  5. Hold weekly class meeting, confirm work of next week together, do a good job with Chinese teacher and life teacher.
  6. Participate in different kinds of academic activities and training; participate in making materials, and improve your own qualities.
  7. Accomplish the “communication book”, keep in touch with parents in order to communicate with them timely. Responsible for parent communication.
  8. Guarantee children’s safety, and enhance children’s sense of self-protect.
  9. According to Montessori philosophy and curriculum planning of headquarter, to make lesson plans and accomplish teaching assignments.
  10. According to every child’s own situation in your class, timely complete work plans, observation, weekly report, teaching records, and other assignments given by academic director.
  11. Responsible for registration and storage of class property.
  12. Responsible for training new teachers in your class, model yourself as a qualified Montessori directress/director for new teachers and parents, and create peaceful and friendly classroom environment.
  13. Follow other arrangements from school, and cooperate to do different kinds of activities, such as enrollment activity and parent-teacher conference.
  14. Regularly report to academic director, accept his/her inspection and direction.
  15. Responsible for parent communication, timely realize all suggestions and demands from parents, and feed back to and direct them.
  16. Accept trainings about children English teaching as required, do teaching activities according to lesson plans, ensure teaching qualities.

Follow school’s regulations and dress code.

Salary25000.00 Month
Credential Level
Infant & Toddler (birth - age 3)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)
Phone(400) 820-6905

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