Lead Infant/Toddler Teacher

Casa Dei Bambini | Aurora, IL, United States

Posted Date 12/11/2019


1. Physically able to assure children’s safety and to provide for children’s education, including but not limited to visually and auditory observing children in classroom to avoid dangerous situations and ability to remove children physically from dangerous situations.
2. Certified Montessori teacher (or in training, is preferred).
3. College degree (preferred).
4. Montessori teaching experience.
5. Excellent English speaking and writing ability. Must be able to communicate fluently with parents, coworkers, and children.

1. Guarding safety of children daily and in cases of emergency.

  1. Working with the children in the classroom and in the gym.
  2. Maintain the exercises and prepare and create new materials for the classroom.
  3. Setting up daily program for the children and coordinating the adult classroom team.
  4. Maintaining written records of each child’s progress and milestone charts.
  5. Coordinating, supervising and participating in daily cleaning schedule,
  6. Working with parents in conferences and parent meetings.
  7. Attending and participating in staff meetings.
  8. Prepare the yearly curriculum plan prior to start of school.
  9. Prepare weekly lesson plans to share with assistant teachers during weekly meetings where notes are to be taken and maintained for review by the owners.



  1. Planning, attending, and participating in special activities including, but not limited to:
    * Staff Meetings * Training Sessions
    * Prior to school beginning * Parent Meetings
     work days (coordinating * End of School Event
     classroom team) * End of School Work Day
    * Back to school event * Mother’s Night
    * Fall Festival * Father’s Night
    * Winter Program
    * Any school events for special occasions
  2. Guiding and directing assistant teachers and defining the guidelines for a unified classroom team of adults. The Directress will strive to provide open avenues for communication in all directions.
  3. Teaching and aiding in the development of the students: feeding, diapering, sleeping, learning habits. *Growth, movement, exploration, and independence are key components.
  4. Supervising the growth and development of classroom assistants.
  5. Creating a balanced atmosphere of discipline, learning, creativity, and understanding through respect, care and love for the children. Providing a positive attitude and encouragement for the children.
  6. Follow-up as required with parents in a positive and supportive manner of communication.
  7. Speak to children, parents, and staff members at all times in a warm and positive manner, providing positive role model of grace and courtesy.
  8. Perform any other duties as necessary in order to conduct an effective and efficient classroom, taking into account the team of teachers and each one’s role in this prepared environment.
  9. Professional dress and speech.
  10. Accept responsibility as Casa Dei Bambini Montessori’s ambassador in the community and at large promoting the school, curriculum, staff, and students in a positive manner.

Under no circumstances is this job description intended to limit the Directress and her duties strictly to those described. The Directress will assist in all other areas as her judgment suggests or as directed by her/his supervisor.

Salaries are commensurate based upon experience and will be discussed during the interview process, if selected. Candidates can email me a resume at alordcdbm@gmail.com for review.

Our website is:  https://cdbmontessoriaurora.com/



Credential Level
Infant & Toddler
Education Required
Some College
Job Type
Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type
Full-Time (12 mos.)
Phone(630) 907-7554

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