Upper Montessori Elementary Teacher

Papillon Montessori School | Miami Beach, FL, United States

Posted Date 6/05/2020

Papillon Montessori is located in the City of Miami Beach, Florida.

Papillon Montessori is seeking an Upper Elementary Montessori Certified teacher with experience in Upper Elementary Program (4th-6th grade)

-Be educated in the Montessori philosophy and methodology appropriate to the age level taught, and have the ability and dedication to put the key concepts into practice.

-Apply observational skills to match students' developmental needs with materials and activities.

-Apply teaching strategies that support and facilitate the unique growth of each individual student.

-Be skilled in guiding students in creating individual learning plans

Candidates must be capable of developing curricular materials that meet the developmental needs of students; demonstrate the ability to work with a diverse group of students and parents, and to work as a team member within a cluster, school, and community to create a strong professional learning community.


Application must have an Elementary Montessori credential.


Compensation is based on experience and degree. Insurance and paid holidays are offered.

Application Information

Please email your resume to petitmontessori@aol.com

Salary45000.00 Annual
Credential Level
Elementary II (9-12)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)
Phone(305) 867-4244

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