Primary Lead Teacher

Pinewoods Montessori School | Hillsborough, NC, United States

Posted Date 6/10/2022

Pinewoods Montessori School

Primary Lead Teacher Job Description

In accordance with Montessori philosophy, your personal training, and PWMS policies, your job as a Montessori Lead Teacher is to challenge each child to reach his/her fullest potential academically, emotionally, socially and physically in a prepared Montessori environment. The expectations and duties for the Lead Teacher include the following:

Adhere to the PWMS mission, for the purpose of maintaining quality and excellence. 

  • Model integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity, and respect for all persons as well as an appreciation for racial, cultural, and gender issues and diversity. Establish positive relationships with students.  
  • Build a classroom community of respect and kindness. 
  • Respect confidentiality for families, children and colleagues 
  • Maintain respectful relationships with colleagues
  • Check email daily and read all emails and messages from parents, school administrators, staff, PTO, etc.  Respond to parents concerns within 24 hours.

Work collaboratively with the Assistant Teacher to prepare and maintain a Montessori environment in which the furnishings and materials are developmentally appropriate and provide academic purpose. Establish and maintain a classroom true to the Montessori philosophy. 

  • Provide a variety of materials to maintain student interest and academic integration
  • Keep materials clean and in good condition
  • Report supplies needed to the Office Manager
  • Maintain a clean and orderly classroom environment
  • Meet the social, emotional, cognitive, and academic needs of the children through ongoing evaluation and classroom activities. Observe and assess students to individualize learning. 
  • Plan and execute lessons, daily classroom activities, and long-term curriculum units
  • Maintain current attendance and accurate academic records
  • Assist students towards self-directed learning and normalization

Is responsible for the safety and the physical well-being of the children at all times. 

  • Make sure the environment meets State health and fire regulations
  • Maintain appropriate and adequate supervision of children at all times (indoors and outside)
  • Supervises children in the execution of fire drills and other emergency procedures
  • Report any and all accidents and incidents using required forms and procedures
  • Facilitate communication and conflict resolution between students
  • Establish and maintain consistent discipline practices, in accordance with PWMS policies
  • Guide children in developing bathroom independence and healthy bathroom habits, as necessary according to age level and developmental ability.  Communicate with parents as necessary regarding progress with bathroom independence.

Maintain a supportive and collaborative partnership with Administration and colleagues to assist with curriculum development and support of children. 

  • Attend staff meetings
  • Interview and provide feedback if hiring new staff
  • Participate in professional development
  • Work collaboratively with coworkers in developing and implementing parent education events
  • Participate in community events
  • Communicate regularly with the Head of School about students, parent issues, and classroom updates. Listen to feedback and implement accordingly.
  • Notify the Head of School immediately of personal or professional difficulties with children, parents, or staff

Supervise classroom assistant and participate in supporting his/her development in the classroom assistant role. 

  • Create and maintain a supportive and collaborative partnership with your Assistant Teacher by consistently communicating. This includes: setting aside time for planning, sharing questions, observations and supervising interactions with students, families, and general classroom management. Communicate regularly with the Assistant Teacher about students, family issues, absences, and classroom updates. Listen to feedback.
  • Report to Head of School regarding the Assistant Teacher’s progress and participate in assistant evaluation

Build and maintain home/school partnerships with consistent and effective communication.

  • Conduct orientation meetings at the beginning of each year. 
  • Send newsletters and activity reports on a weekly basis
  • Offer and conduct two parent/guardian-teacher conferences each year per student
  • Complete two written “family reports” each year per student
  • Participate in ongoing communication with families in regard to their child's specific needs/challenges/successes
  • Respond to parent/guardian questions and concerns within a 24-hour period
  • Meet with parents/guardians as needed to address children’s individual progress and needs. 
  • Communicate and cooperate with classroom parent/guardian volunteers

Other Duties:

  • Support Interdisciplinary Instructors (i.e., Spanish, Music, Art, PE) who work with your students and provide solutions and strategies for classroom and behavior management
  • Plan and execute field trips (off campus and on campus) 
  • Coordinate off-campus trips by soliciting drivers and chaperones as needed with student-adult ratios
  • Plan and coordinate community service initiatives/projects 
  • Set aside a specific time to meet each week with your assistant, and/or resource teacher to communicate about classroom issues and facilitate planning

Additional duties as assigned.

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Bachelor's degree in Education or a related field 
  • Montessori-trained (AMS or MACTE credential) 
  • Two years of teaching experience in a Montessori classroom
  • Fluency in English with excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusion

Physical requirements may include:

  • The ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Hand dexterity
  • The ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Walking between transitions and playground monitoring
  • Ability to sit on the floor and transitioning from sitting to standing throughout the day
Salary20.00 - 24.00 Hour
Montessori Credential Level
Early Childhood (2½ - 6)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Classroom Teacher/Staff
Position Type
Full-Time (academic year)
Phone(919) 644-2090

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