Secondary I Coordinator

Colegio Montessori Sierra Madre A.C. | Monterrey, Mexico

Posted Date 4/17/2020

Job Description
To organize and supervise the academic and formative program of your level, including co-curricular activities, through the exact application of Montessori Philosophy and Methodology. The supervision is aimed at guiding teachers in planning and implementation activities. To supervise compliance with the guidelines set by the Department of Public Education.

Knowledge and Experience
1. Bachelor's degree in Education, Pedagogy, Psychopedagogy or areas corresponding to the subjects taught at this level.
2. Montessori Secondary I Certification.
3. Experience in Montessori environments as a head teacher, at least 3 years.
4. Fluent in Spanish and knowledge of the English language.

1. Leadership
2. Ability to relate and work as a team.
3. Organization
4. Listening skills
5. Observation
6. Persistence
7. Proactivity
8. Empathy

1. Honesty
2. Commitment
3. Discretion
4. Flexibility
5. Tolerance
6. Service
7. Initiative
8. Responsibility
9. Opening
10. Willingness to learn

General Responsibilities
• To collaborate in the comprehensive education of students according to the Montessori Philosophy.
• To address the concerns of the students immediately and follow up.
• To show leadership both with students and with the teachers team.
• To take care of the implementation of the Montessori curriculum.
• To supervise and guide the teachers through observation in the environments and to monitor the curricula.
• To supervise the teachers' training and ensure that it be put into practice.
• To maintain a united, collaborative and proactive work team.
• To guide and be attentive to the induction process for the level's personnel.
• To be familiar with and make the team aware of the MSM Parents Handbook.
• To monitor that the teachers comply with the guidelines established in the Teachers Handbook and Employment Contract.
• To address parents' concerns immediately.
• To follow up and participate in interviews with parents.
• In cases of student follow-up, to be in communication with the theachers and the school psychologist.
• To substitute when a Teacher is absent in work environments.
• To keep up-to-date records of students and teachers.
• To be aware that the guidelines set by the Department of Public Education are met.
• To promote growth in students and improvements to both the academic project and work environments.
• To collaborate in the students admission process according to the established guidelines.
• To establish a cordial relationship and teamwork with the Coordinators of all levels and the General Director.
• To promote a cordial and working relationship with the staff of all school levels.
• To monitor the level's budget.
• To participate in the personnel selection process.
• To prepare the annual budget of the level.

Credential Level
Secondary I (12-14)
Education Required
Bachelor's Degree
Job Type
Position Type
Full-Time (12 mos.)

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